IPO Frenzy?

As you may have heard, this year marks Tech Boom 2.0.  There are many IPOs slated to go live this year for tech stocks.  Some of the biggest ones:


This may be the second chance to get in on a possible secondary rise of new tech stocks, rivaling the financial boon of a decade ago.

Should you run to your discount brokerage firm and pony up?  Well… not so fast.  Some of the IPOs are already “inflated” as to their true value, if their true value can even be assessed.  Not to mention, the global economy is in a major downturn, which will inevitably affect stock prices in an unfavorable way.  There are rumors of acquisitions and even delays for filing.

Final advice?  Maybe by shares of an IPO or two if valued well and the actual IPO is “cheap.”


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